About the Apothecary

Otherworld Apothecary makes magical supplies in a magical way.

We are traditional witches and cunningmen selling the tools we create and use in our own magical practice. Through craft and insistence on quality, we have been dedicated to providing magical and ritual supplies to the witchcraft community for over a decade. We create high quality incense, oils, potions and powders for use in spell craft and ritual from natural ingredients and traditional recipes. We also carry a line of uncommon botanicals and the materia magica necessary for witches, rootworkers, and magicians to practice their art.

2 thoughts on “About the Apothecary”

  1. Hey guys. Made a purchase earlier today and have two questions.
    Just being nosy and wondering if you are a couple?
    Also, could you create and enchant an amulet for a specific intention?

    1. Hello Matthew. First, thank you for your patronage and for saying “hi”; it’s always nice to get to interact with our customers. Secondly, the answer to both of your questions is yes, we are a couple, and we can create amulets for all manner of intentions. Send us an email at witches@otherworld-apothecary.com with what you had in mind and we’ll be happy to discuss it further.

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