Sundries and Tools

Stones, bones, minerals, candles, and other assorted items used as the materia magica of witchcraft and the cunning art.

Black Salt

Black salt, or Witching salt is traditionally made from mixing blessed salt with the scrapings from the bottom of a cast iron pot, essentially mixing iron and char into the powder. While... more

Charcoals: Self Lighting

Charcoals: Self Lighting

Self lighting charcoals contain saltpetre, which enables the discs to light quickly with a dance of red sparks. Available in two sizes. more

Grave Myrrh

Grave Myrrh

High quality myrrh buried in a local cemetery for the three nights during the dark moon to strengthen its necromantic virtue. more

30 g (1 oz) box:


Indian Head Penny

These copper pennies were minted in the US from 1859 to 1909 and are used in spells to protect your property from meddlesome people and those that mean you harm; the Indian chief featured... more

Lodestone Food

Lodestone Food

Lodestone food is iron grit. Sprinkle on lodestones to see their magnetic charge. Also dress lodestones with a light dusting of food after working with them to keep them from starving. ... more

Mercury Dime

Minted in the US between 1916 and 1945 and said to feature the face of Mercury, the Roman god of travelers, merchants and magicians, these genuine silver dimes make excellent offerings to... more

Paper Wasp Nest

Paper wasps are mean little critters, and their nests are often powdered and added to cursing and get-out powders, or included in other mean spirited spells. These are good-sized nests... more

1 nest:




Pendulums are magical devices to focus the will and divinatory powers. We offer a basic, servicable wooden pendulum for those curious about their use, and also a quartz and silver pendulum for those who want a beautiful, powerful tool more




Also known as Fool's Gold, this mineral is used in folk magic to increase and draw wealth. Incorporate pyrite stones in money drawing mojo hands, gambling charms, or baths, floor washings... more

Large Chunk:


Sea Salt

Pure sea salt for protection, purification and cleansing. more

Smudge Sticks

Smudge Sticks

Smudges have traditionally been used by a number of Native American peoples, and are also used by a variety of Neo-Pagan groups, to cleanse people and spaces prior to ritual. We offer 7... more