Readings and Consulations

Readings and Consultations

We offer readings and consultations for your situation, leading to suggestions for spell work when appropriate.

We follow in the tradition of cunning folk and witches by working on behalf of clients. Many requests are for finding new love, a new job, or general blessings. We've also undertaken work that included the creation of a charm for the conception of a child, spellwork to help find the perfect new home, a spirit trap to capture a persistent and rather nasty nightmare spirit, and the creation of witch bottles for warding the home from evil energies and malicious people. If you're uncertain if we will be able to help, the best way to find out is simply to ask.

Most work is performed by us on your behalf, but we can also provide you the tools and instructions to perform the work yourself. Video consultations are ideal for this instruction, particularly if you are currently learning the Witch's art, but email is often sufficient.

All work begins with a reading or other consultation. We will do a divinatory reading using appropriate tools and techniques — tarot, spirit contact, geomancy, scrying — to determine the nature of your situation and what work, if any, is required. During checkout, include as much information as you can in the Notes field, or send us a message through our contact page. Too much information is always preferable to too little, and of course we will keep your business in confidence.

We perform divinatory readings during auspicious times or will schedule a video consultation during a mutually agreeable time-slot. This means it may be a few days before receiving your reading.

Readings via email are ideal for gaining insight into your situation and receiving suggestions, either magical or mundane, on how to proceed.

Readings and consultations via video chat are ideal for complex situations and workings, giving you opportunity to ask questions in real time and discuss work you are undertaking yourself.

Reading via email:
Reading plus 30 minute video chat: