Buckeye (Aesculus sylvatica)


Buckeyes are a highly regarded magical charm to bring good luck and ward off aches and pains and spiders. more

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Coffin Nails

Most often used in malefic spells like cursing, drive away work, and break up spells, these rusty nails can also be useful in spells to get rid of additions and bad habits. Use them in... more

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Indian Head Penny

These copper pennies were minted in the US from 1859 to 1909 and are used in spells to protect your property from meddlesome people and those that mean you harm; the Indian chief featured... more

Lodestone Food

Lodestone Food

Lodestone food is iron filings (i.e. small flecks of iron) that are used to both highlight the magnetic fields around natural lodestone and to 'feed' lodestones that are tasked with a purpose... more







Single lodestones are used to draw money, power, favors, gifts and general luck. Our lodestones come fed, but should be re-fed after major use. Store in a non-magnetizable container. ... more

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Mercury Dime

Minted in the US between 1916 and 1945 and said to feature the face of Mercury, the Roman god of travelers, merchants and magicians, these genuine silver dimes make excellent offerings to... more