Incense Stove

These adjustable silvery metal incense stoves are ideal for gently releasing the scent of resins, woods, and loose incense blends. They are suitable for any incense blend you would typically burn over charcoal discs. The distance from the fire (a tea-light candle) can be adjusted by the wooden knob on the stem. High up, and the incense releases a light scent for a room, whereas placed low over the candle clouds of smoke, similar to using a charcoal, can be produced. By adjusting, you can choose what is best for you and your magical work.

A major benefit is that you can buffer the aromatic molecules in incense materials from being destroyed from high heat, as is often the case when using a newly-lit charcoal. In this way, it is similar to burning incense over a layer of ash on the charcoal, or over foil.

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