Charcoals: Self Lighting

Charcoals: Self Lighting

Self lighting charcoals are made by compressing a mixture of charcoal and saltpetre into discs. When the disc is held over a flame (preferably held by tweezer-sized tongs to avoid burns) it will spark to life, with red sparks spreading over the entire disc lighting it quickly. This sparking is caused by the saltpetre, creating smoke that smells similar to a lit match. Because you won't want this smoke to interfere with the scent of your incense, we recommend lighting these charcoals in a separate room from your ritual.

Our self lighting charcoals are 'SwiftLite' brand and come in packs of 10 discs in two sizes, 33mm (1.3") and 38mm (1.5").

Ten 33mm (1.3") discs:

Out of Stock Ten 38mm (1.5") discs: