Blessing Products

Cauldron Waters

Cauldron Waters

Flammable brews of alcohol, tinctures, essential oils, and herbs to burn indoors in the cauldron. more

Sun's Fire: 230 mL (6 oz) bottle:

A water of of frankincense, saffron and an ox's eye.


Consecration Incense

Consecration Incense

Based on biblical formula, cassia and myrrh and lignum aloes combine for a light smoke to cleanse and consecrate tools intended for magickal work. Place the tool to be consecrated for... more

large vial:


Vesta Powder

Vesta has a number of uses, but most people cast it onto charcoal or a fire to banish unwanted spirits and energies from the home. Most Vesta Powders are simply salt peter, but ours will... more