Prunus spinosa

One of the sacred trees of Ireland and the British Isles, blackthorn is associated with the ogham letter Straif, which according to McManus' "Irish letter-names and their kennings" bears the meaning of sulfur and is called strongest reddening and the increase of secrets and possibly arrow of the clouds. The wood from the blackthorn is used to make the feared blasting rod which is used to impart barrenness and blight. Some say the thorns are used to make the devils mark upon initiation. This tree has an strong affinity for cold weather, needing winter temperatures for the pits to germinate and blooming in the cold snap before the onset of spring.

These thorns and sloes are harvested from trees in Devonshire, England and are perfect for potions, incenses and charms made for darker purposes.

Sloes (berries): 30 g (1 oz):