Pendulums are magical devices to focus the will and divinatory powers. We offer a basic, servicable wooden pendulum for those curious about their use, and also a quartz and silver chambered pendulum for those who want a beautiful, powerful tool.

Using a Pendulum

Pendulums are used in a technique known as dowsing. To begin, enter a light trance through brief meditation, perhaps aided by divination incense or seer tea. Next, take the pendulum by the string or chain so that the weighted end is dangling and free to move. Ask a simple question, such as "Are there spirits present in this room?".

Watch for how the pendulum swings. We learned that a pendulum swinging left to right means "No", and a pendulum swinging toward and away means "Yes". A pendulum swinging in a circle means "Your question is unclear", and the pendulum swinging erratically means that you are unprepared to know the answer. We have heard other interpretations, and though we are generally opposed to the 'do what feels right' approach, since the pendulum is primarily a tool to focus your will, it is appropriate here. We recommend adopting a set interpretation early in your practice and never changing it.

Another use of the pendulum is to use it to spell out words on a spirit board, similar to how you would use the planchette. Additionally, you use it to dowse over a book to select words in bibliomancy, or over a map to discover the answers to location-based questions, such as "where are there holy wells nearby?".

Chambered pendulums have a space at the top where you can include herbs, hair, or other items relevant to your question. For general use, herbs of divination, such as mugwort, might be appropriate.

Like other divination tools, cleanse your pendulum in a bath of 1 tsp salt to a cup of water relatively regularly. They also benefit from exposure to the light of the full moon.

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