Green Man Oil

Represented by foliate heads and masks found in architecture dating as early as the 11th century, the Green Man is the spirit of vegetation and the symbol of rebirth. He can be glimpsed in English folklore and custom dating back to the Middle Ages. Honored by some as the King of Summer who grows and is grown, the Green Man is the lord of the plot and fertile garden as well as the lord of the wild places, the greenwood and hedges. Through Him, one may seek the council of herbs and trees and learn the ways of root and leaf, stem and bark, twig and bud, fruit and seed.

With the scent of fresh green herbs, mossy glens, and ancient forests, our Green Man Oil is a perfect blend to use during the summer reign of the Virid One; anoint your pulse points to help contact Him. Use it in spring rites of rebirth, fertility and growth, in blessing gardening tools and in the Anglo-Saxon rites of charming the plow. Also mix Green Man oil with beeswax to create a polish used to consecrate, bless and preserve the wand of art.

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