Earthing Smoke Incense

Earthing Smoke Incense

Earthing, or grounding, is the act of fixing the spirit in the material plane. Smokes of earthing are used for two main purposes: they are used to return those who have, in trance, crossed over into the otherworld too deeply and remain at least partially suspended. Incenses of this type may also be used to earth spirits, entities and energies in a place to render them impotent as part of works of cleansing and exorcism.

This blend is composed of three plants effectual to this purpose with a large body of historical usage behind them: the leaves and stem of desert sage, tears of copal resin, and the arils (or berries) of juniper trees. Burned together, the three create a pungent cloud of white smoke which can be fanned over people and places to utilize the plants' powers to restore the spirit. This blend is also appropriate for use during a pre-ritual bath or for cleansing people and space to remove negative energies prior to ritual and ceremonies.

Nota bene: White sage is native to the Southwestern United States, and is under considerable pressure from urbanization and effects of chronic drought. We can no longer guarantee that ours was sustainably harvested and so switched to desert sage.

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