Spiritus Rosa

A tincture containing the philosophical salt, sulfur and mercury of organically grown roses harvested at dawn.

Though roses are the flower of love par excellence — and this potion will certainly prove effective in love spells and works pertaining to the matters of the heart, this is no simple love philtre. Roses are a plant allied with secrets and The Mysteries, and, in some old craft traditions, the Rose Garden or Rose Castle is a central part of the mythic landscape.

Rose tincture may be added to the sabbat wine to strengthen the bonds between the company of witches, both those in body and in spirit, as well as with tutelary spirits of the group. It may also be used for a period of time to fortify and balance the aetheric body in preparation for works of dreaming, faring forth and spirit contact. Finally, a few drops placed in the mouth before summoning assists in compelling spirits and lends cunning power to the voice of invocation.

Out of Stock 60 mL (2 oz) blue dropper bottle: