Spiritus Absinthium

A tincture of wormwood, lightly flavored with anise and coriander, added to balance wormwood's bitterness, as well as to aid in communicating with spirits.

A ghostly gray-green herb famous as an ingredient in Absinthe, wormwood has a reputation as a visionary herb. Like the related mugwort, it's been long used as an aid to works of seership and divination. Wormwood finds use in modern witchcraft as an herb of necromancy.

Fiery and stimulating, this potion is used to help induce trance, especially when an ecstatic, active trance state is sought. It is also an effective aid when attempting to communicate with spirits.

Some witches find that wormwood is better suited to their temperament; others prefer the use of mugwort.

60 mL (2 oz) blue dropper bottle: