A spell for healing on Holy Saturday

Herba Sacra
Extended from the mighty hand of Jove
I call on your power
to expel and make hale

Fruit of the Sun
Plucked from the fiery heart of Primum Regum
I call on your power
to expel and make hale

Thymus vulgaris
Exhaled from the sweet breath of Venus
I call on your power
to expel and make hale

Mel from the singing sisters
Distilled from the mountain of youth
I call on your power
to bind and preserve

As the Christos arises from the grave on the morn,
Thou shalt arise, refreshed, renewed, and made hale.
So be it.

4 thoughts on “A spell for healing on Holy Saturday”

  1. I love this! Discovered in 2020 . Would you divulge the Herbs Sacra and Fruit of the Sun? I have ideas but would love to know what you had in mind. Beautiful spell!!

    1. My thoughts were Vervain as Herba Sacra and either Chamomile or St. John’s Wort has Fruit of the Sun.

      1. Hi Aaron, thanks for your comment. These are good guesses!

        ‘Herba Sacra’ within this charm is garden sage (Salvia officinalis). The ancient Romans considered it a sacred herb; indeed its Genus name, Salvia, comes from “salvere” meaning “be healthy”. The ‘fruit of the sun’ this charm refers to is an orange.

        1. Thank you so much for your reply! I would love to add this to my book. I think this could be made as a delicious syrup. How do you prepare?

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