Hecate the Saffron Clad

Hekate Einodia, lovely dame of the Tri-via,
of earthly, oceanic, and celestial power,
sepulchral, in a saffron veil attired,
celebrating the Mysteries among the Spirits of the Dead.
~Orphic Hymn to Musaeus

The idea for this incense came to me during discussion with other of Her priests after the Hecate ritual at the Between the Worlds gathering in 2006. This is for her bright nature, as a torch bearing guide in the dark. We ritually make this incense annually during her August 13 Feast.

The incense is comprised of saffron, opoponax, and temple cedar, meant to be burned on Her altars, during Her rituals and as an offering. Unlike many of our incenses, which can also be used for some other purposes, this blend is specifically intended as an offering to Hecate. Because of the delicate nature of the saffron scent, it is best burned on foil placed over the depression in self-lighting charcoals or over a candle flame.

In addition, we also have another, darker, blend for Hecate, Goddess of Witches.

This product has been discontinued.

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