Magical Supplies and Sundries


Bulk herbs, woods, resins, and essential oils for use in your own creations.


Hand-blended bound incenses used with charcoals in ritual and magic.


Stones, bones, minerals, candles, and other assorted items.


Hand-blended all natural oils for witchcraft, hoodoo, and ritual.

Potions & Powders

Teas, unguents, inks, powders, and other fruit of the apothecary's art.


Charming, cunning, and conjure. Also, bulk and special order creations.

Who We Are

[About Us]

Otherworld Apothecary makes magical supplies in a magical way.

We are traditional witches and cunningmen who sell the tools we have used in our own magical practice. From natural ingredients and traditional recipes we create high quality incense, oils, potions and powders for use in spell craft and ritual. We also carry a full line of botanicals and the materia magica necessary for witches, rootworkers, and magicians to practice their art. For over a decade, through craft and insistence on quality, our products raise the bar on the magical and ritual supplies used within the folk magic, Pagan, and Wiccan communities.