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Balm of Night Flight

Balm of Night Flight

A witches salve with datura, henbane, and belladonna for the arts of dreaming and mediumship. more

1 oz cobalt jar:

Batch made during the New Moon in Aries April 11, 2021, with an increased share of clary sage and belladonna from our witch garden. Intended for use during Walpurgisnacht flights.

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Benzoin of Sumatra (Styrax benzoin)

This sweet balsamic fragrance is widely used in Hindu and Russian Orthodox rituals as a cleansing incense. Benzoin is also of Mercury and can be used in astral travel, all blends that... more

High John the Conqueror Root

High John the Conqueror Root

High John the Conqueror Roots are some of the most used, varied, and powerful amulets used in Hoodoo. Anoint with High John Oil and carry as an amulet for luck, sexual power, and to control and have mastery over others. more

Manhood Curser:


Lavender (Lavandula officinalis)

Lavender is an herb of ease and succor and the comfort of home. It's used for purification, to ease tensions of the mind and body, in healing spells, and promote fidelity. more

Mastic (Chios) (Pistacia lentiscus)

Mastic (Chios)

Chios Mastic is a precious resin from Greece, having been grown on Chios for centuries. Use mastic to communicate between the spiritual and physical worlds, joining them together, such as in the creation of spirit houses or angelic talismans. It is used to bind, not in the Saturnian sense of restricting, but in the Mercurial sense of combining disparate components into a greater whole. more

Planetary Spellwork Incenses

Planetary Spellwork Incenses

A collection of planetary-aligned incenses formulated to capture the essence of the court of the heavens. Based on recipes from old grimoires and alchemical texts, each blend is suitable... more

Out of Stock Mercury, Trickster Lord of Luck:

For work involving communication, travel, luck, and cunning.


Spiritus Rosa

A powerful tincture containing the philosophical salt, sulfur and mercury of organically grown roses harvested at dawn and useful for all manner of witchery. more