Fires of Azrael

Fires of Azrael
She took the poker in her hand and pushed the flaming driftwood to either side, and in the hollow center thus left she piled the woods of the Fire of Azrael. Then we sat and watched them take the flame.And in those hours while the tide rose there was delivered to me things whereof but few have dreamed and fewer still have known, and I learnt why Troy was burnt for a woman.
Dion Fortune - The Sea Priestess

Fires of Azrael is used to open the eye of sight onto visions of the past. In Dion Fortune's occult novel The Sea Priestess it's used to make contact with the priests of Atlantis and resurrect the worship of the old Gods of the moon and the sea.

We've been wanting to make this recipe, composed of true cedar, juniper, and sandalwood, for years. When we were gifted a large piece of storm-severed Cedar of Lebanon, we got our chisels and went to work. We combined the cedar with juniper we collected from the seashore at the full moon and chips of white sandalwood left from carving temple statues. Each of the three woods are highly fragrant and combine to make an enchanting incense.

Because we have very little of the sea juniper, this is a limited release that won't be around for long.

4 oz tin (25 g):