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Ingredients For Lunar Conductive Fluid Condenser:

  • A two ounce base of white sandalwood powder
  • An ounce of orris root and myrrh in equal parts
  • A half ounce of jasmine flowers (optional)
  • One dried skin of a frog
  • A small pinch of refined camphor
  • A half ounce of white poppy seeds
  • Small amounts of moonstone and silver dust shavings (extra adage)
  • One dram of virgin olive oil
  • A liter of distilled, stream or rain water
  • Two drams wood or isopropyl alcohol

Mix the white sandalwood, myrrh and orris root, and grind them together into a fine powder. True refined camphor can be difficult to come by, but if you should find some, add a pinch to the powder base. Also, add in the poppy seed and, if procured appropriately, skin of a frog. Put this mixture in an air tight jar and let it sit in until the next full moon. On the evening of the next full moon, mix all the ingredients together with two drams of virgin olive oil in a silver or crystal bowl.

Once you complete the above step, place the mixture in a pot with distilled water or rainwater. There should be about an ounce of each herb and enough water in the pot to cover the contents completely. Bring this mixture to a boil, and then let it simmer for an hour with the pot lid on. When this is done, let the mixture cool and strain it through an unbleached coffee filter or fine linen. Put the liquid back into the pot and allow it to simmer without the lid until only a quarter of the original amount is left. When this is cool, add small amounts of the fine silver shaving if you have any. Then, add the shavings of moonstone, again if you have them. When you have completed the above step and allow the mixture to cool, add an equal amount of wood or isopropyl alcohol to act as a preservative and poor the entire concoction into an air-tight bottle with firm the completed condenser in a dark, cool location.

Scrying incense blend

  • A base containing a full ounce each of mastic gum, myrrh, galangal powder and frankincense
  • An ounce each of mugwort and wormwood herbs
  • A half ounce of rose petals and lavender buds
  • Three Green cardamom pods and star anise
  • Three bay leaves
  • Oils of mimosa and lotus, and dark musk

Blend together mastic, myrrh, galangal and frankincense in equal parts and grind all to powder base. Add a few cardamom and star anise seeds to the base and place these in an air-tight jar. Now, mix equal parts of ground mugwort, wormwood and bay leaves about half the amount used in the powder base. Coat this mixture with dark musk oil and put it aside in a sealed jar. Mix the lavender and rose petals together, coat them with mimosa and lotus oil and put them aside in another sealed jar. Let the ingredients stand for nine days during the waxing of the moon. On the ninth evening remove the anise and cardamom seeds from the first incense blend and discard; their scent will have been absorbed by the other ingredients. Then, blend all the mixtures together by hand. The Scrying incense is now ready and should be stored in an air tight bottle as well.

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