Balm of Night Flight

Balm of Night Flight

This is our popular flying ointment, useful for faring forth in dreams, rites of mediumship, and flights to the Sabbat. Brewed beneath the auspices of the dark moon in the witching season and excited with the cunning fire, our ointment is blackened with lampblack to bring about union with the night and its spirits. It is based on old recipes for the lifting salve, with balsam poplar, true cinnamon, tobacco, Datura stramonium, Hyoscyamus niger, Mandragora officinarum and is thickened with golden beeswax and butter. The ointment is pleasantly scented with the essences of clary sage, galbanum, juniper, and mugwort.

This ointment is best used by witches with practice in the art; the proper dosage will not cause hallucinations or blast you into the otherworld. Please be respectful of the plants and use common sense. Do not use if you have health problems. Use in a properly warded space and have a relationship with the local spirits.

Start with a dime-sized amount and do not apply to your mucus membranes. See how it affects you and work to find the right dosage for your work. Effects should begin in approximately 30 minutes to an hour and last a few hours. Physical effects are a sense of excitation and skin flush, euphoria and possibly dizziness, followed by heightened senses and dilated pupils. Drink plenty of water the next day, and avoid eating food high in fats.

Store the Balm of Night Flight in a cool dark place and use within 2 years.

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