Crocus augustus

Saffron threads are the deep red stamens from the autumn crocus, which grows primarily in the Middle East. Each flower produces only a few stamens that must be collected by hand making saffron a rare and valuable treasure.

The nature of saffron is to inflame the senses and emotions. It is primarily used in love spells to quicken the heart and draw a lover near. This can be accomplished by adding it to an oil blend, incense, or to food to be shared. Along the same lines, saffron can also be a useful magical tool to lift dreary spirits and combat listlessness, bringing light into dark spaces, particularly when combined with frankincense.

In addition, saffron can also be used in spells for revealing truth and secrets, heightening clairvoyance and psychic powers in these situations. It is also included in Medea's Elixer of Youth.

Finally, due to it's rarity, saffron makes an excellent sacrifice to deities of Illumination. We feature saffron heavily in our devotional incense to the torch-bearing Goddess Hecate the Saffron Clad.

Our saffron is 100% organic and is the finest quality available (Category I, 230-250 color units). It is suitable for pharmaceutical and culinary uses, though we recommend using a bit less than recipes call for due to its higher strength than is typical for culinary use.

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