Orange Blossom Absolute

Our orange blossom absolute is a viscous orange liquid with an intensly sweet floral fragrance with citrus and fresh green notes. It is an excellent floral for mixing with herbal and spice scents. Like most other absolutes, it is also very powerful -- a drop or two in a half ounce bottle will significantly change the character of a blend. Our old blend Wood Song used orange flower absolute to achieve its characteristic honeysuckle / woodland flowers scent. Additioanlly, you can use orange blossom as a wonderful personal perfume by combining about 30 drops into a half ounce of carrier.

Orange blossoms are traditionally associated with good fortune, and were popular in bridal bouquets and head wreaths for weddings. This custom spread from China after the crusades to France and Spain, and then to England during the Victorian Era. Since oranges have flower and fruit at the same time, the orange is a symbol of fertility. Of course, the sweet, narcotic scent of the flowers would also scent the bride during the ceremony and into the night.

Essential Oil: 2 mL (5/8 dram):