Articles and Information

We have been meaning to post articles on topics of magical interest for a while now. We're glad to say that we are finally able to do so! We anticipate this section steadily growing, mostly with articles written for our newsletter, but also likely expanded with spells and other bits of Praxis.

Tonics — Spring Cleaning for the Blood
There are a few seasonal cues that tell us spring has arrived: pairs of ducks begin looking for nests, daffodils bloom, bats are out in full force, and (most importantly for us) the sap begins to rise. This weekend we'll force all our friends to share a cup of spring tonic with us, as our ancestors did, and plenty of Appalachian folks still do.
Pagan Practices Quiz
This quiz will compare your faith practices to those of other Pagan groups, and show which groups do things similarly to how you do things. This has little to do with beliefs. You may find that your practices are most similar to a group that believes something radically different. That's part of the interest and fun.
Traditional Weather Witching
A summer storm has blown in from the west. The sky is dark and lightning is striking towards the river. The wind has picked up and there's a charge in the air. I've got the windows open; this is my favorite part of late summer — the thunderstorms.
Hecate, The Lady of Storms?
August 13 is a widely held festival date in honor of Hecate among modern Pagans. Often cited as having ancient Greek origins, this is somewhat dubious, and the real origins are unclear.
Incense Recipe: Midsummer Night's Dream
A self-burning incense recipe developed for our incense making workshop at PSG 2007.
Burning Incense over Foil
We hear from folks who hate the smell of myrrh all the time -- the usual complaint is that it smells like burnt rubber. We also hear similar comments about bound incenses, though normally that it just smells like a campfire or is too smokey.